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The Robbinsdale Sportsmen’s Club

  Organized in 1939, The Robbinsdale Sportsmen’s Club officially adopted a constitution and by-laws on August 28th 1941. The first President was Rudolph Beck. Another original member, Jester “Mike” Banholzer was listed as the vice president of the organization. Shortly after World War II activity in sportsman and civic clubs swelled and the Robbinsdale Sportsman Club became a large and…

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Our Neighbors: 100 Years Ago in Robbinsdale

On a high shelf under a stack of age-old maps and scrapbooks, we came across a little old album. There were just under 50 photos neatly arranged on black paper, framed by captions and comments written in white. The album appears to have been put together by a woman named Johnson. The photos provide us with a warm and intimate…

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The Mighty Terrace!

Two months from now the Terrace Theatre in Robbinsdale will mark its third year of operation. By the time May rolls around more than one and a half million people will have passed through the doors of the most beautiful suburban theater in the world. Built at the cost of about $750,000 in May 1952, the theater is operated by…

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Progress in Robbinsdale Park

 During the 1920’s,Edith Robbins and her sister, Amy Robbins Ware, owned and operated the Robbinsdale Hy-Way Tea House, in addition to their regular real estate, insurance and loan business, as The Andrew B. Robbins’ Estate, and The Robbinsdale Insurance and Loan Agency, at No. 4223 Crystal Lake Avenue. Working for her sister, Amy Robbins Ware spent much of the early…

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McNair Manor

McNair Manor is rapidly developing! Building is active and improvement work is to be completed within a month. The history of this new subdivision tract is startling. Placed on the market only a year ago go by Dickinson and Gillespie Incorporated Realtors, 733 Metropolitan Bank Building, it already has over 40 homes completed or in the process of construction. There…

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Robbinsdale’s Most Important Industry

  “Robbinsdale’s brick sky scraper, where three million readers all over the United States look to find their jokes, love stories and blood curdling adventure yarns in the three magazines published here- Whiz Bang, True Confessions and Triple X- has added another story so that it one of the most impressive buildings in the city. Tourists swinging along the “pines…

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The Robbinsdale Bakery

  Alice Norman, Manager of the Robbinsdale Bakery, owned by the Schaper family. It was at 4142 West Broadway. There was a Schuller Auto & Implement business at 4117 West Broadway. In 1948, William H. Schaper whittled a bug-like fishing lure he believed had toy potential, and sold it in his store as a sideline to his business of manufacturing…

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The first railroad through Robbinsdale was called the Northwest Branch of the St. Paul Minneapolis and Manitoba Railroad Company. In 1880 a flag station was established and if you wanted a ride all you had to do was flag down the train. In 1887 Alfred Parker donated three acres of land for a depot and a station was named in…

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A Room Full of Robbinsdale

The room full of Robbinsdale will open to the public at 1:00pm on Saturday, November 15th and run through the winter months. The Robbinsdale exhibit is the first in the new series: “Our Hennepin County”. The Robbinsdale Historical Society is excited to partner with the Hennepin History Museum to present the story of our corner of the county.   The Robbinsdale…

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Sweatt Manufacturing

Shortly after Andrew B. Robbins moved his family to Robbinsdale, he gathered a group investors and built the Hubbard Specialty Manufacturing plant. The firm made chairs,  wheelbarrows, camp furniture, grocery boxes and wooden washing machines. In 1891 Robbins sold the company to Sweatt Manufacturing. A year later a fire destroyed the building on Hubbard Avenue. Sweatt moved operations to their…

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A New City Hall

Robbinsdale’s old City Hall on West Broadway was torn down to make room for a Red Owl grocery store parking lot in 1954. Municipal offices had been moved into temporary quarters in the police and fire building on Hubbard Avenue the previous year. Construction on the new government offices behind Robin Center began in 1968. The Robbinsdale Civic Center was…

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Robbinsdale Reads a Book!

The 107 year old Robbinsdale Library Club will be meeting at the Historic Robbinsdale Library on Thursday October 16th at 1pm. Inspired by Minneapolis One Reads, the library club will discuss the possibility of starting a city wide book club. If the people of Robbinsdale were all going to read just one book this year, what should it be?   

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