April Membership Meeting Minutes


MEMBERSHIP MEETING OF APRIL 26, 2016 The meeting was held in the Historic Library Building beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance. President Diane Jacobson McGee reviewed the Minutes of the last meeting in the absence of the Secretary. The Treasurer’s report gave our checking account balance. UPDATING THE MUSEUM The Board is purchasing six foot […]

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A Living Monument


From the  Presidents Report to the Minneapolis Park Board of Commissioners in 1921: Probably the most outstanding event of the year was the dedication on June 11 of the memorial trees on Victory Memorial Drive made possible largely by the generosity of the “Father of our Park System”, the Honorable C.M. Loring who expressed himself […]

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Graeser Park


Planning on 11 miles of Carl Fredrick Graeser’s belt line highway began in 1931. The first stretch of road was completed in 1935. An extension into Robbinsdale opened two years later. Graeser, a one legged, German engineer who came to the United States to avoid the draft during World War I, envisioned a bold autobahns […]

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