The Perfect Home Place

McNair Manor was named for attorney and businessman, William McNair. Born in 1836, McNair served as county attorney and mayor of St. Anthony from 1869 to 1871. In 1876 he was the Democratic nominee for United States Representative but lost to Jacob H. Stewart. In 1883 he declined the nomination to run for governor. Among his many real estate holdings…

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Our Town’s Story

“It was called Parker Station because the station was right on the railroad tracks there…and Parker was really the first guy who had really put some time and effort into it…” Earl Johnston, Robbinsdale Historical Society “…they were being taxed about a dollar and a half per year… they said…’well what’s that for?’…It’s for the lamplighter that’s lighting the lamps…

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Something Had To Be Done and Something More Needed!

From the turn-of-the-century, with a few shelves in an old hotel and a closet in an attorney’s office, the city of Robbinsdale had a public library. In 1908 with the membership of 25 dedicated women the Robbinsdale Library Club was incorporated so it could legally owned property. A small building was moved on the lots secured by the club in…

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Historic Terrace Theatre Day Proclomations

We greatly appreciate the support that the council has shown to us with this declaration. Not only is it a great way to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the opening of the theatre, but the proclamation also reinforces our stance that the Historic Terrace Theatre is an important building, both culturally and architecturally, and should be saved. Here is the…

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April Membership Meeting Minutes

MEMBERSHIP MEETING OF APRIL 26, 2016 The meeting was held in the Historic Library Building beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance. President Diane Jacobson McGee reviewed the Minutes of the last meeting in the absence of the Secretary. The Treasurer’s report gave our checking account balance. UPDATING THE MUSEUM The Board is purchasing six foot tall by four foot wide…

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A Living Monument

From the  Presidents Report to the Minneapolis Park Board of Commissioners in 1921: Probably the most outstanding event of the year was the dedication on June 11 of the memorial trees on Victory Memorial Drive made possible largely by the generosity of the “Father of our Park System”, the Honorable C.M. Loring who expressed himself on the solemn occasion in…

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Graeser Park

Planning on 11 miles of Carl Fredrick Graeser’s belt line highway began in 1931. The first stretch of road was completed in 1935. An extension into Robbinsdale opened two years later. Graeser, a one legged, German engineer who came to the United States to avoid the draft during World War I, envisioned a bold autobahns highway encircling Minneapolis and facilitating…

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Picturesque Robbinsdale

Born in England in 1865, Thomas H. Girling had considerable impact as a publisher and civic leader in Robbinsdale. He learned the printing business and in February 1893 started publishing the weekly, Picturesque Robbinsdale In the March 1893 issue of Picturesque Robbinsdale, edited by Girling this news item appeared. “A telephone has been ordered and now is in place in…

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Our Next Membership Meeting is March 22nd!

Robbinsdale’s historical connection to Breezy Point, Minnesota dates back to the days of Whiz Bang. In 1919, Wilford Hamilton Fawcett, better known as “Captain Billy,” published the first issue of Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang. Filled with jokes and cartoons, the little magazine made a fortune for Fawcett. In 1921, he purchased 80 acres on the shore of Big Pelican Lake…

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The Robbinsdale Area in 1873

The Sons and Daughters of Robbinsdale’s Pioneers

In honor of Raleigh Parke,the grandson of Alfred Parker, A reunion for the sons and daughters of Robbinsdale’s pioneer families was held on Sunday September 16th, 1951. Seated in the first row are; Etta Roth Gates, Bertha Trump, Mrs. Bill Parker, Bill Parker, Mrs. George Johnson, Grace Goetze. Row 2: Mrs Horbie Morse, Ruth Trump, Frances Pollard, Maude Huston, Mrs.…

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X= Adventure, X= Western Romance, X= Detective

  In 1924, five years after Captain Billy and his brothers established Fawcett Publications in Robbinsdale, Triple X became one of the fledgling publisher’s earliest success stories. Edited By Captain Billy’s brother, Roscoe Fawcett and Jack Smalley, the two bit Triple-X men’s adventure magazine was available at newsstands across America for over a decade. In addition to a monthly collection…

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Robbinsdale Cab Candids

George Dover was an English immigrant of Jewish decent. He started the Robbinsdale Cab company in the early 1920’s. The business was a family affair. After George retired his son, David took over and  built a cab stand on 41st Avenue . A couple years later, David became a flight instructor at the Robbinsdale Airport. Here’s a Robbinsdale Cab all…

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